Mobile App

Mobile Wellness App

Engage with Wellness 24/7

Our mobile app features an intuitive dashboard to keep track of your account.

We are a mobile society. That’s why Onlife Health, a national provider of comprehensive wellness solutions, launched the AlwaysOn® mobile app. It lets any member with a smartphone (iOS or Android) connect with their plan, improve their health, and stay inspired anytime, anywhere.

Message or Call a Health Coach

Connect with a Health Coach through HIPAA-compliant, in-app secure messaging, or use the click-to-call button.

Track Your Favorite Fitness Device

Seamlessly connect the AlwaysOn® mobile app to your favorite fitness activity device.

Other On-the-Go Features

  • Set personal goals and track progress.

  • Take a health assessment.

  • Track data synced from 80+ personal activity tracking devices and apps.

  • Earn and track incentive balances.